Dental Implants in Schaumburg, IL

Dental implants have become a staple of the restorative dentistry toolbox over the past several decades. They’ve become such a popular method of tooth replacement that over 3 million implants are placed each year, and that number is expected to continue to rise. These strong anchors provide a versatile solution for replacing missing teeth. Whether you are missing one tooth or all your teeth, dental implants can restore your bite function and complete your smile.

Understanding Dental Implants

Every artificial tooth may be supported by remaining teeth or stabilized by dental implants. Made from medical-grade titanium (the same material used in hip replacement procedures), these posts screw directly into the jawbone and offer a stable, durable way to keep various dental restorations in place. They can hold up crowns, implant-supported bridges, and implant dentures.

Traditional dental implants are two pieces: a screw, which averages 5 mm in diameter, and an abutment that connects the artificial tooth to the implant. Mini dental implants, on the other hand, boast a modern design. This single-piece implant is less than 3 mm wide, making advanced tooth replacement solutions accessible to a wider range of patients.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Why choose dental implants over more traditional restorative options? They provide numerous advantages that other treatments can’t match, including:

  1. Improved stability and comfort: A restoration stabilized by dental implants will naturally be more stable than tooth-supported restorations. This is because implants are inserted directly into the jawbone. Over time, the implant fuses permanently with the jawbone, providing unparalleled stability and support. There’s no risk of dentures floating or slipping when you wear implant dentures, giving you peace of mind you may not have thought possible.
  2. More natural look, feel, and function: In addition, implant-supported restorations function more like real teeth, providing improved biting and chewing power. They’re also designed to blend seamlessly with your smile. Not only will your smile look more harmonious, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite foods again.
  3. Enhanced durability: Thanks to the stability of the implants, most implant-supported restorations will outlast their traditional counterparts in terms of longevity. And with implant dentures, you’ll know they’ll never lose their shape or fit. You won’t need to have your dentures relined or remade, and you won’t have to use messy adhesives.
  4. Better jawbone health: Traditional bridges and dentures may restore your smile, but they don’t maintain your jawbone health. Your tooth’s roots are responsible for stimulating your jawbone when you bite and chew. This stimulation stops when you lose your teeth, leading to jawbone deterioration. Because dental implants are prosthetic tooth roots, they stimulate the jawbone just like natural roots do. This means you can look forward to long-term jaw health.

The Dental Implant Process

Getting traditional dental implants is a multi-step process that takes several months to complete.

  1. Consultation: At your free dental implant consultation, Dr. Aristodemo can examine your mouth and take X-rays. She will design a personalized treatment plan that considers your unique dental structure and needs. At your visit, we can also discuss any dental anxiety you may have and the sedation options we offer. Our compassionate staff will also review your dental insurance and explain our financing options if you need to finance out-of-pocket expenses.
  2. Implant placement procedure: We’ll begin by numbing the area with a local anesthetic to make the process as comfortable as possible. After making an incision into the gums, Dr. Aristodemo will carefully place the implant in the jawbone. She will make sure the implants are secure before closing the incision and attaching a temporary replacement tooth.
  3. Osseointegration and healing: A conventional implant post must fully integrate with the jawbone before your final restoration can be attached. This integration process, called “osseointegration,” generally takes three to six months.
  4. Custom restoration attachment: Your custom restoration is meticulously crafted to fit your mouth perfectly, blend seamlessly with your smile, and function effectively. Once your jawbone has healed and your custom restoration is ready, we’ll remove the temporary one and attach your new teeth.

While this process is effective, traditional dental implants aren’t for everyone. If you don’t have sufficient space in your jawbone for these larger implants, you may not be eligible for this treatment without an initial bone grafting surgery. Additionally, conventional dental implants may not be the best choice for patients seeking swift and minimally invasive tooth replacement.

The Mini Dental Implant Option

Dental Implants in Schaumburg, IL  Happy Smiles Family DentistryThere is an alternative to dental implants that comes with additional benefits: mini dental implants. These smaller, slimmer versions serve the same purpose with reduced size. This smaller size means they can be placed without incisions. Most patients don’t need bone grafting to accommodate them, either.

The minimally invasive procedure for mini implants means the entire process—from placement to healing—can happen much faster. Unlike conventional implants, they don’t require months to heal. In fact, a final restoration can be placed as soon as the dental lab finishes creating it. This efficiency means that mini dental implants are more affordable than conventional implants. Mini implants generally cut costs in half.

Their smaller size also means mini implants can be an option for patients who’ve already lost some jawbone density, making them ineligible for traditional implants. Despite their smaller dimensions, mini implants boast durability comparable to their larger counterparts, maintaining a high success rate and longevity. During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Aristodemo will evaluate your situation and discuss whether dental implants are right for you.

Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

Dental implants are a remarkable option for replacing missing teeth. By completing your smile and improving your dental function, this treatment has a significant impact on your self-confidence.

At Happy Smiles Family Dentistry, our experienced team, led by Dr. Aristodemo, is ready to help you achieve your dream smile. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about the power of dental implants.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of dental implants will depend on several factors. How many implants you need, what kind of restoration they’re supporting, and whether or not you need a bone graft procedure will all contribute to final treatment costs.

If you are looking for affordable dental implants, mini implants may be right for you. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Aristodemo. During your visit, she can evaluate your needs and clearly explain the cost of your treatment.

You must be in good oral health to be eligible for dental implants. If you have unmanaged gum disease or extensive decay, we will address these problems before considering implants. This is because oral health concerns can affect the success of your implants.

A candidate for implants must also have adequate jawbone volume and density. Without sufficient bone, the implant won’t be stable, increasing the risk of failure. Think of it like trying to drill a screw into wood that’s too shallow. Just as a screw requires a certain depth of wood to secure properly and avoid loosening, a dental implant needs enough bone to ensure stability. If you have experienced bone loss, you may still be eligible for traditional implants with a dental bone graft. However, in these situations, mini dental implants are ideal.

If properly cared for, a dental implant can last a lifetime. You should treat your implants and restoration just like your natural teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing, along with twice-yearly dental checkups, will prolong their longevity.