Emergency Dentist in Schaumburg, IL

Did you know that over 5 million teeth are knocked out each year? Something so sudden and unexpected requires immediate attention. An emergency dentist addresses these urgent matters to relieve your pain and restore your oral health. At Happy Smiles Family Dentistry, we understand how stressful and worrisome dental crises can be. Rest assured, we always welcome individuals with urgent dental needs. We offer same-day emergency appointments because we recognize that prompt treatment facilitates the best outcomes.

Who Needs an Emergency Dentist?

Symptoms that need immediate attention are considered dental emergencies. Call our office if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Severe, unrelenting tooth pain
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Deep tissue injury
  • Swelling in the face or jaw
  • Badly cracked tooth
  • Partially dislodged or knocked-out tooth
  • Broken or lost dental restoration

Urgent vs. Non-Urgent Dental Issues

Not every dental problem is considered an emergency, though every concern should be addressed in a timely manner. We can assist with the following issues during a regularly scheduled appointment:

  • Mild toothache
  • Small crack or chip in the tooth
  • Minor cut or sore
  • Broken braces
  • Object stuck in teeth

What Can an Emergency Dentist Do?

Emergency Dentist in Schaumburg, IL Emergency Dental CareWe understand that dental emergencies can cause serious anxiety. However, rest assured, at Happy Smiles Family Dentistry, we have the necessary experience, expertise, and resources to address your urgent dental needs. We utilize cutting-edge technology to capture precise images of your teeth, gums, and jaw, aiding in quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Aristodemo and her team are well-trained in various restorative procedures, guaranteeing expert care.

Here are just some of the procedures an emergency dentist may employ:

Tooth Restorations

Whether your tooth is broken, chipped, or even missing, we provide restorative treatments that can restore its function and appearance. A dental crown can restore a decayed or damaged tooth. The crown acts as a protective barrier, restoring the tooth’s structural integrity while protecting it from further harm.

If your tooth has been partially or totally dislodged, our goal is to set the tooth back in its socket. However, if a tooth is lost or damaged beyond saving, we offer various replacement options, such as dental bridges and dental implants. With mini dental implants, specifically, we can replace missing teeth fast—whether you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth.

Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected through a crack in the tooth or an untreated cavity. In some cases, the pain from the infection is so severe that an emergency root canal is needed to alleviate the pain and restore the tooth’s function. The goal of root canal therapy is to stop the spread of infection and save the affected tooth. Contrary to stereotypes, this procedure itself is not painful. We will numb the treatment area to ensure that you don’t feel a thing. Dr. Aristodemo will then remove the infected pulp and clean the inside of the tooth. She will then fill the empty canals and top the treated tooth with a crown for added protection.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is a condition that worsens over time. Its initial stage, known as gingivitis, does not require emergency dental attention. However, if gingivitis goes untreated, it can progress to periodontitis, a more severe form of gum disease. Advanced periodontitis can lead to pain, bad breath, infections, and receding gums, eventually causing teeth to loosen and fall out. While gum disease can be treated, the most effective results are achieved through early intervention.

Tooth Extractions

Unfortunately, a badly damaged or infected tooth cannot always be saved. In this case, a tooth extraction is necessary to prevent complications. Often referred to as getting a tooth “pulled,” the whole process will be done with your comfort in mind. Dr. Aristodemo and her caring, compassionate team will ensure you’re comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. Once the tooth is gently removed, we will provide specific aftercare instructions. We can also discuss replacing your tooth with a mini dental implant.

Dr. Aristodemo: Your Emergency Dentist

In an emergency dental situation, searching online for the right dentist is the last thing you want to do. Fortunately, the high-quality care and service you’ve come to expect from Happy Smiles Family Dentistry extend to our emergency dentistry services. If you find yourself in need of urgent dental care, please contact our office. Dr. Aristodemo will give you expert advice and ensure your situation is handled with care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if the office is closed, you should still call us. We will have special after-hours instructions on our outgoing voicemail message and will get back to you as soon as we can.

In a dental emergency, you should always try contacting our office first. Emergency rooms typically don’t have dental professionals available to address your specific issue. While emergency departments can help with pain management, they do not offer the same treatment options as a dental practice. However, if your symptoms are unmanageable or if you have uncontrollable bleeding and our office isn’t open, please visit the nearest hospital for assistance. Then, follow up with us as soon as possible for comprehensive treatment.

A knocked-out tooth can still be saved with prompt action. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Pick up the tooth by the chewing surface, not by the root.
  2. Rinse off any dirt.
  3. Reposition the tooth in the socket and gently bite down to hold it in place. DO NOT reinsert baby teeth.
  4. If you are unable to reinsert the tooth, it’s essential to keep it moist. You can do so by holding it in your cheek or placing it in a container of milk.
  5. Visit us as soon as possible, preferably within 30 minutes.

If the tooth cannot be saved, we may be able to replace it the same day with a mini dental implant.