Why Dental Sealants Play an Important Part in Protecting Your Child’s Teeth

Dental sealants cannot prevent all cavities but they help protect children’s teeth to reduce the risk of frequent cavities. Proper oral hygiene remains essential, and routine brushing and flossing keep a child’s mouth clean. While tooth decay is a common problem, many childhood cavities are preventable.

Dental sealants protect a child’s molars by sealing up cracks and crevices. During a sealant treatment, our team applies a special gel. This gel secures onto tooth enamel and hardens into a protective layer. Dental sealant guards the tooth against future decay.Why Dental Sealants Are Important in Protecting Your Child’s Teeth

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Sealants Can Reduce the Risk of Cavities

The Center for Disease Control estimates that more than 40% of children develop cavities in their baby teeth. Children often have a tough time brushing every corner of their mouth. Deep grooves or depressions in back teeth are especially vulnerable to decay. Inadequate or incomplete brushing allows plaque to build up in these trouble spots.

Dental sealants act as a barrier against harmful bacteria. The sealant gel bonds with the tooth to create a hard surface. This barrier keeps food, debris, and bacteria from penetrating. Sealants hold up against the force of daily chewing and prevent enamel erosion.