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Mini Implant Dentist in Schaumburg, IL | Dr. Amelia Aristodemo

When looking for a new dentist, it’s important to choose a practice with an experienced dental professional and a caring and friendly staff. Plenty of dental offices can check those boxes, but if you’re looking for a tooth replacement specialist in Schaumburg, IL, you need a mini implant dentist like Dr. Amelia Aristodemo. At Happy Smiles Family Dentistry, Dr. Aristodemo offers these smaller mini implants for the many benefits they provide over their larger counterparts.

What Is a Mini Implant Dentist?

Mini Implant Dentist in Schaumburg, IL | Dr. Amelia AristodemoA mini implant dentist specializes in stabilizing and replacing teeth using mini dental implants. Their extensive knowledge, training, and experience make them trusted authorities on the use of implants in restorative dentistry.

Mini implants are slim titanium posts that can replace a single tooth with a dental crown, a small row of teeth using an implant-supported bridge, or an entire set of teeth with implant dentures.

At Happy Smiles Family Dentistry, we’re proud to have a trusted, friendly, and experienced mini implant specialist like Dr. Aristodemo. We’re also pleased to offer a full range of dental treatments to complement her specialty services. Our practice offers everything from root canals and metal braces to cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. Think of our office as a one-stop shop for all your oral health needs.

Mini Dental Implants Explained

Mini dental implants are an innovative tooth replacement method. Their smaller size gives them several quality-of-life advantages over larger traditional dental implants. Both implant types provide a stable base for attaching an artificial tooth or dental prosthetic. The implants offer exceptional stability because they screw directly into the jawbone.

While they serve a similar function, mini implants offer additional benefits due to their size. They are less than 3 mm thick, in contrast to the 5 mm width of conventional implants. This narrow diameter contributes to a simpler and more efficient placement and healing process.

Additional advantages of mini implants include:

  • Less invasive placement: Are you nervous about incisions or other surgical procedures? Mini implants don’t require any of that; their quick and easy placement only requires a tiny pilot hole.
  • Faster healing time: Because their placement procedure is minimally invasive, the healing time for mini implants is significantly reduced. Traditional implants require a healing period of 3-6 months, while mini implants heal in about 3-4 weeks.
  • Instant results: Dr. Aristodemo can often place mini implants and load them with new teeth in one visit. That means you’ll leave your appointment with a functional smile.
  • Impressive durability: You may think that mini implants are more fragile because of their smaller size. Think again; mini implants boast just as high a success rate as larger implants. If properly cared for, they can last a lifetime.
  • More affordable: Because mini implants require less time and fewer visits to the dental office, they are about half the price of traditional implants.

The Mini Implant Process

The procedure for mini implants is straightforward and efficient. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Consultation: Every mini implant procedure begins with a free consultation. At this visit, Dr. Aristodemo will examine your mouth and answer questions. She will then take thorough X-rays so that we can plan the implant placement with precision. We’ll also take an impression of your mouth to send to our lab, where technicians create your custom dental restoration.
  2. Placement procedure: On the day of your procedure, we’ll begin by numbing the target area with a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. Next, Dr. Aristodemo will drill a tiny pilot hole in your gums and carefully secure the implant into your jaw.
  3. Temporary teeth: While we wait for your final restoration, you’ll receive a temporary tooth or teeth. You can use this “trial smile” immediately and experience what life will be like with your new prosthetic.
  4. Final restoration: Once your custom teeth are ready, we’ll remove the temporary set and load your final restoration.

Any discomfort from the procedure should be mild and subside within a few days. Although your implants and artificial teeth will not stain or get infected, the surrounding areas can, so good oral hygiene is essential!

Consult a Mini Implant Dentist Today!

If you’re seeking high-quality tooth replacement for your missing teeth or want to stabilize loose dentures, we invite you to speak with our mini implant dentist. Dr. Aristodemo has over 25 years of experience in the dental field and has received advanced training in the specialized area of mini implants. Call us to schedule a free implant consultation today and discover what mini implants can do for you!

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