Non-Surgical Dental Implants: Minimal Disruption, Maximum Results

Non-Surgical Dental Implants in Schaumburg, IL | Mini Implant

Have you ever put off or even canceled a medical appointment due to anxiety over the procedure? If so, you’re not alone. About 36% of Americans have some sort of dental anxiety, with 12% describing it as “extreme fear”. If you fall into one of these categories and worry about needing a more comprehensive procedure like a tooth replacement, we have a solution. Non-surgical dental implants can replace missing teeth with a quick and minimally invasive procedure. Gone are the days of surgery, gum incisions, and stitches—they’ve been replaced with a procedure that’s about as invasive as getting your ears pierced.

Mini Dental Implants: Revolutionizing Dental Care

Non-Surgical Dental Implants in Schaumburg, IL | Mini ImplantAt Happy Smiles Family Dentistry, we understand the impact missing teeth can have on your oral health and self-esteem. However, traditional dental implants, which most dentists have used to replace teeth for many years, require an invasive procedure. This has led to anxiety for many patients before and during the procedure. They also have lengthy healing times, which might be increased by the need for additional bone grafting procedures.

That’s why we’re proud to offer mini dental implants as a non-surgical, cost-effective solution for restoring smiles. Unlike the larger traditional implants, mini implants are less invasive, and we can place them in a matter of minutes. With a diameter under 3 mm, they’re suitable for a wider range of patients, including those with limited bone density.

The Advantages of Non-Surgical Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are smaller than conventional implants but also come with several benefits that make them an attractive option for those considering dental replacement:

  • Minimally invasive procedure: Placing mini implants doesn’t require extensive surgery. Dr. Aristodemo skillfully drills a tiny pilot hole in the jaw, significantly reducing discomfort and recovery time.
  • Less discomfort: Patients experience minimal post-procedure discomfort, with most reporting only mild soreness for a day or two afterward.
  • Faster healing: Traditional implants can take 3-6 months to fuse fully with the jawbone, longer if a bone graft is needed. Mini implants will fuse in 3-4 weeks and be ready to support their final restoration.
  • Fewer visits: Because of their simple placement and faster healing, mini implants require fewer visits to the office. They’re a more convenient option for those with a busy schedule or who are nervous about visiting the dentist in the first place.
  • Affordability: The cost of mini dental implants is considerably lower than their traditional counterparts. This, combined with their smaller size, makes them a more accessible option for many patients.

The Mini Dental Implant Process

Choosing mini dental implants at Happy Smiles Family Dentistry involves several steps as we work to restore your smile. The process begins with a free implant consultation, where Dr. Aristodemo assesses your dental health, discusses your goals, and crafts a personalized treatment plan. You’ll also receive a CBCT scan to give us a 3D picture of your mouth to assist with implant placement. The placement procedure is swift, often taking as little as 15 minutes per implant. You’ll receive temporary restorations immediately after placement, ensuring every patient walks out the door with a new smile. Recovery is quick, with most patients resuming their daily activities almost immediately. Once your implants fully fuse with the jawbone, you’ll return to the office for your final custom restoration.

How Much Do Non-Surgical Dental Implants Cost?

The affordability of non-surgical dental implants is a significant consideration for many patients. By choosing mini implants, patients enjoy considerable savings thanks to fewer office visits and the simplicity of the placement procedure. At Happy Smiles Family Dentistry, our staff will help you navigate your dental insurance to ensure you’re maximizing your coverage. We also offer an in-house discount plan for those without insurance to help our patients access the dental care they need without financial strain. And for any out-of-pocket expenses, we partner with three lending companies offering competitive plans that fit any budget.

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Don’t let the opportunity to enhance your smile and improve your oral health pass you by. At Happy Smiles Family Dentistry in Schaumburg, IL, we can help you achieve a beautiful, functional smile with mini dental implants. Contact our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss the ways non-surgical dental implants can be a part of your tooth replacement plan. Your journey to a confident, radiant smile starts here.

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